State Britain

State Britain – Mark Wallinger

A recreation of the protest camp set up by peace campaigner Brian Haw in Parliament Square in London from 2001 – 2006.

“During the fabrication of the installation it became apparent that, if taken literally, part of the Tate Britain site actually fell within the circumference of the one-kilometre exclusion zone inside which, under SOCPA’s new stipulations, protests against Parliament could not take place without police permission. To emphasise this fact, Wallinger marked a line on the floor of the galleries at the point where the exclusion zone ended, and positioned State Britain half inside and half outside the area.” – Tate

Medium: installation from wood, hardboard, cardboard, fabric, paint, printed paper, photographs and other materials Date: 2007

The Battle of Orgreave

The Battle of Orgreave – Jeremy Deller

During the re-enactment of the 1984 miner strike the original strikers became actors in “historical” play, were they, with about 800 historical re-enactors and 200 former miners who had been part of the original conflict staged the battle that occurred within living memory.

Medium: re-enactment Date: 15 June 2001 – 17 June 2001 Location: Orgreave, Yorkshire (UK) Commissioned for: Artangel

In the Near Future

In the Near Future – Sharon Hayes

The piece, the Near Future is a 13 projector, 35 mm slide installation build from a series of iterations of actions that took place at locations of current or historic public speech or protest – Brussels, London, New York, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw – from 2005 to 2009. The actions involve the artist holding protest signs. The slogans on the protest signs are from past protests. 

Medium: performance based/multiple-slide-projection installation with 13 actions, 13 projections and 1,053 35mm slides Date: 2009