Interior Scroll

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Interior Scroll – Carolee Schneemann

This print is one of several documentation works from Schneemann’s peformance in which she read aloud from a scroll of paper from her vagina.

Tate website: “Tate’s print comprises two black and white photographs of the artist on the table during the second part of the performance when she was withdrawing the scroll. A column of text on either side of the photographs elaborates the words written on the scroll. The text was taken from a super 8 film Schneemann had begun in 1973 entitled Kitch’s Last Meal. It recounts a conversation with ‘a structuralist film-maker’ in which the artist sets intuition and bodily processes, traditionally associated with ‘woman’, against traditionally ‘male’ notions of order and rationality.” (

Medium: Beet juice, urine and coffee on screenprint on paper Date: 1975 Collection: Tate Dimensions: (image) 90,5 x 183cm

Fen Ma + Liuming’s Lunch I

Fen Ma + Liuming’s Lunch I – Ma Liuming

This photograph is a documentation of the performance Fen-Ma Liuming’s Lunch, by Chinese artist Ma Liuming.  The artist as an androgynous alter-ego, Fen-Ma Liuming, cooked fish in a steaming pot naked and silent. The fish was served to the audience. The remains of the fish were placed back into the pot, which the artist attached (with a tube) to his penis and began sucking and breathing at the other end. 

Medium: Photograph, gelatin silver print on paper Date: 1994 Collection: Tate Dimentions: 61 x 50,8cm