Teslaism: Economics After the End of the End of the Future – Bahar Noorizadeh

Teslaism: Economics After the End of the End of the Future (2022) – teaser 2

Teslaism is a 3rd person racing musical game featuring Elon Musk and his self-driving car/lover and life coach, as they drive towards a shareholder meeting in a post-gamified Berlin landscape.

The work takes the newly built Gigafactory in Berlin as a prism to describe the emergence of Teslaism (succeeding Post-fordism) as a novel system of production and consumption predicated on advanced storytelling, financial worldbuilding, and imagineering “the look of the future.”

The Teslaist CEO is a collage artist. Weaving together one tweet, one dance move, one meme after another, he creates a set of perpetually postponed and too-fabulous-to-be-fake narratives to make time make power.

If post-industrial Detroit was soundtracked to techno’s futures, the age of Teslaism seeks its own common sonic imaginaries: forms of resistance inhabiting our exceedingly financialized cities.

The original draft of Teslaism was commissioned for Tresor 31: Techno, Berlin, and the Great Freedom, an exhibition reflecting on three decades of musical evolution, social change and city development from Berlin to Detroit, told through the lens of Techno’s history (July-Aug 2022.)

Conic sections – XOR Gate (brainchild of Gerald Donald, one half of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt)
Helena Hauff – Humanoid Fruit (Unreleased)
GRV Tr 4 – TV Victor

All tracks are courtesy of Tresor Records and the artists

[text copied from Bahar Noorizadeh]