dotcom Séance


Simon Denny
Guile Twardowski

for an on-chain spiritism session
to revive ghosts burst in
the dot-com bubble.

• • •

Twenty-one dotcom era companies have been summoned for revival.
Each company includes an ENS domaina new logo-NFT designed by Guile Twardowski—the artist behind Cryptokitties—and a suite of hidden text-to-image logo-NFTs by Cosmographia that Guile drew inspiration from.

Minting any NFT allows you to claim a subdomain on the company’s new ENS domain. Owner of the Twardowski logo-NFTs earns the title of CEO on each company’s profile page.

No candles are needed for this web3 séance of web1 spirits!

…here, we run on gas.

©️folia, Simon Denny, Guile Twardowski, Cosmographia at accessed on 20/02/2023