[guest] HOST [ghost]

💬online @NDSM Nursery Square ❌❌❌

[this work is currently offline]

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HOST is a bot. a computer program designed to communicate with humans through its temporary WiFi network [guest] HOST [ghost] located at the Nursery Square, NDSM-wharf Amsterdam. Its existence consists solely of pixels, bits, bytes and computer code. When it is asked a question, this chatbot will -while being present here at the Nursery Square’s virtual space- respond based on the knowledge database available to it at that point in time. The conversation will, in due time enter concepts it doesn’t recognize. it is not programmed to understand. However, it will learn from your interaction as well as from all other future interactions. HOST works independently from a human operator. 🗨


#1: you can only connect with the chatbot while being connected to the same IP address:
or WiFi network [guest] HOST [ghost]

#2: your chat will be logged and might (anonymously) shared or used during my residency period at the Nursery Sqaure, Amsterdam