YOU (2022) by Maurizio Cattelan. Credits Roberto Marossi. Courtesy the artist and Massimo De Carlo. -artnet 6/4/2022

Maurizio Cattelan – YOU

A barefoot statue of the artist hangs from a noose in the gallery bathroom. It wears a blue suit and holds a bouquet of flowers in its right hand.

“YOU is a hallucination, a simultaneous image of control and failure. A generous welcoming gesture or a sad and inevitable farewell, YOU explores the role of the individual in the collective realm: an admission of surrender, or perhaps an affirmation of kindness. This new intervention by Maurizio Cattelan affirms the death of great powers, while infusing a new energy in the strength of the individual. Despite trying to create a distance between the work and the viewer, Maurizio Cattelan’s YOU is certainly all about us.”

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Medium: platinum silicone, epoxy fiberglass, stainless steel, real hair, clothes, hemp rope and flowers Date: 2022 Location: Gallery bathroom Massimo De Carlo, Milan

It’s not you, it’s me. It’s not yours, it’s mine.

➡️ UPDATE 4/05: The maker, Daniel Druet, of Maurizio Cattelan’s wax prototypes is suing Cattelan for stolen intellectual property.

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r/place was first launched by Reddit on April 1, 2017, and was revived a few days ago (April 1-5, 2022). Signed in Reddit users could place one pixel at a time, once every five minutes, anywhere on the digital canvas by tapping/clicking on it. The pixels or tiles form a real-time mosaic curated by (a.o. sub-Reddit and Discord?) groups who often fought to not be “painted over”, i.e. to keep their image on the canvas. A truly collective colourful piece. This image is a screenshot, the original digital artwork is wiped clean again.

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Cool Cops Club

Uhm.. what happened to ACAB?

a collection of 10,000 “unique” Cool Cops generative NFTs— digital pfp collectables are put on the Polygon blockchain. First thing I noticed when opening the OpenSea marketplace today. Gotta love the internet 3.0. Think #police #protecttherich, think #property, think #pfp.

Call to Arms

Call to Arms – PentHouss

“Mirrors ring a claustrophobic space, fractalizing it into infinity. Lights flash. Enter the riot police. Obscured behind darkened face shields, they menace. And then they begin dancing. Conceived by London/Paris multidisciplinary collaboration PentHouss, Call to Arms blends movement, sound, light, and architecture in an immersive meditation on power, resistance, and control. Reacting to the crackdowns on people’s movements from the U.S. and the U.K. to Turkey and Hong Kong, where protests are met with overly-armored use of force, artists Anna Lann and Yonathan Trichter, curator and creative partner Helen Neven, and choreographer Ekin Bernay joined to mobilize a response.  

Call to Arms conveys the experience of political mobilization by appropriating the garb of the powerful themselves. The dancers in PentHouss’s performance skew the “us” versus “them” mentality the state profits on and challenge those who might steer clear of direct action to understand on-the-ground reality. By leveraging the uniform as costume and turning the synchronized movements of militarized police forces into a kind of dance, PentHouss exposes the theatrics inherent to such shows of force (what they refer to as “the instrumentalization of fear”).

PentHouss uses movement to evoke the power of physical solidarity and to show that, as its title suggests, modes of resistance remain. As PentHouss writes: “Movement is dance; movement is assembly; movement is a call to arms.””

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extreme whitespace

Amy Alexander – extreme whitespace

These live coding works are created in the Linux/Unix text terminal computer environment. Its Perl script modifies the terminal into a real-time visual display. Text, spaces, and commands are typed and executed; multiplying, distorting, shifting, and changing colours create lines, patterns and transform graphic visuals. Got to love the computational aesthetics of 2004, low-tech digital text performance and the minimal ingenuousness of programmed text streams illustrative of the early days of the internet. A sample of the digital past.

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