Defacement (The Death of Michael Stewart) – Jean-Michel Basquiat Medium: acrylic and marker on wood (Originally painted on the wall of Keith Haring’s studio in the days after Stewart was beaten to death by New York City police in September 1983) Date: 1983 Collection of: Nina Clemente Dimensions: 63.5×77.5cm


(A.C.A.B. is an acronym meaning “All Cops Are Bastards”) Stories about the police killing black people are familiar, so familiar in fact that their details began to fade. Videos that were massively shared lose their shocking value as many others make their appearance. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I am ashamed to say […]

From the Night King to Capital

“The end of the HBO series Game of Thrones was still worse than 2020”, a meme I encountered while endlessly scrolling through Facebook or Reddit -I don’t remember- but it stuck with me. Those who watched it understand, for those who didn’t: don’t (or rather, I recommend to quit before the last two seasons). The […]


I introduced zombie stats (the false statistic that has become a norm) in my last blog called ‘iZombie’. Statistics is the science that oversees the collection, classification, analysis, and interpretation of data. It uses mathematical theories of probability. Probability is nothing new, or scary. It is something we apply to our everyday lives, whether you […]


My name is Swaeny Nina Kersaan, although I learned to love it, I did not choose it myself. I neither picked the date or place of my birth or the street name (Zaltbommel, The Netherlands). I did not name the cities I lived in. I had no choice in my sex, ethnicity or nationality. This […]

Dear zombie,

Another head hangs lowlyChild is slowly takenAnd the violence, caused such silenceWho are we mistaken?But you see, it’s not meIt’s not my familyIn your head, in your head, they are fightingWith their tanks, and their bombsAnd their bombs, and their gunsIn your head, in your head they are cryingIn your head, in your headZombie, zombie, […]