YOU (2022) by Maurizio Cattelan. Credits Roberto Marossi. Courtesy the artist and Massimo De Carlo. -artnet 6/4/2022

Maurizio Cattelan – YOU

A barefoot statue of the artist hangs from a noose in the gallery bathroom. It wears a blue suit and holds a bouquet of flowers in its right hand.

“YOU is a hallucination, a simultaneous image of control and failure. A generous welcoming gesture or a sad and inevitable farewell, YOU explores the role of the individual in the collective realm: an admission of surrender, or perhaps an affirmation of kindness. This new intervention by Maurizio Cattelan affirms the death of great powers, while infusing a new energy in the strength of the individual. Despite trying to create a distance between the work and the viewer, Maurizio Cattelan’s YOU is certainly all about us.”

-official press release via

Medium: platinum silicone, epoxy fiberglass, stainless steel, real hair, clothes, hemp rope and flowers Date: 2022 Location: Gallery bathroom Massimo De Carlo, Milan

It’s not you, it’s me. It’s not yours, it’s mine.

➡️ UPDATE 4/05: The maker, Daniel Druet, of Maurizio Cattelan’s wax prototypes is suing Cattelan for stolen intellectual property.

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